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Teen Lezzies 3 Fix

Teen Lezzies returns with the randiest, naughtiest batch of pussy-starved females yet! Ashley and Katlyn's argument over a photo escalates from a pillow fight into a warm, fuzzy friction with Katlyn bouncing wildly on a strap-on. Freckled-teen Tracy follows her curious friend Louise's coy requests to "be gentle," before easing a shiny, gold member into her tight, wet slot. Louise repays the favor by inserting a pronged dildo into Tracy's tiny cornhole as she writhes in giggly orgasm. A dead ringer for Chloe Sevigny, Nadia gets seduced by experienced, lezzie-slut Morgan. And Miss Larson, the math teacher, punishes her girl-loving pupil, Claire Marie, with a spanking. Then she gets a lesson in pink pleasure in this smokin' hot new release from 18eighteen Magazine.

teen lezzies 3


Given that the topic of this study was friendships and romantic relationships, this survey asked teens about their sexual orientation and their gender identity. While the number of teens responding who identified as LGTBQ was not large enough to use sexual orientation or gender identity as a point of analysis, we share the data here for those who may be otherwise interested in this data from a nationally representative sample of American teens ages 13 to 17.

In this study, 3% of teens identified as transgender, with 1% each identifying as male-to-female transgender, female-to-male transgender, and gender nonconforming; 95% of teens reported that they were not transgender, and 2% refused to answer the question.

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