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State Of Decay

State of Decay was first announced in 2011 as an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive title originally titled Class 3.[15] Jeff Strain, the founder of ArenaNet and co-creator of World of Warcraft, wanted a game where individual players could make up their own zombie survival plans and put them to the test.[16][17][18] Then, he set out to create the game, which runs on CryEngine 3.[19] On May 16, 2013, Undead Labs announced that State of Decay had gone into the final certification process and is now ready for testing by the game's publisher, Microsoft Studios.[20] State of Decay was envisioned as a step towards Undead Labs' full online console game, Class4.[17] Class4 will be one of the first zombie massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) to come to the Xbox One. In a 2014 interview, Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain stated that State of Decay had officially become a franchise, with the company's partnership with Microsoft Studios confirmed. He stated that the first State of Decay was "just the start of (Undead Labs') long-term ambitions".[21]

state of decay

State of Decay has received positive reviews from critics. Sanje of Undead Labs stated that "2013 Was a Damned Good Year" in terms of the positive reviews the game received.[33] Metacritic scores range from 60/100 to 100/100, with an average score of 78/100.[22] The game sold more than 250,000 copies in its first 48 hours of release to the Xbox Live Arcade. As of June 17, 2013, the game has been sold more than 550,000 copies.[34] Within the end of June the game had sold more than 700,000 copies, making it the second-fastest-selling XBLA game of all time.[35] On October 4, 2013 Undead Labs announced that the game had sold one million copies. The figure combined both XBLA and Steam Early Access sales.[36] On November 30, Undead Labs had sold more than one million copies of State of Decay.[37]

The original script for State of Decay was seen by director Peter Moffatt and, as Nathan-Turner had predicted, he loved it. However, when he was handed the script in Bidmead's adapted form, he found it completely different. It no longer had the Gothic atmosphere that had drawn him to the original. Moffatt told Nathan-Turner that he no longer wanted to direct it and so, in order to have him complete the job, the original was reinstated. (DOC: The Vampire Lovers)

I was playing State of Decay 2 on a middle of the road PC (Intel i5, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 970). At the recommended graphics setting (high) the framerate hovered around the 55-60 FPS mark. After bumping things up to 'ultra' this dropped to a consistent 30 FPS. I didn't notice any problems like texture pop in and so on, in fact the draw distance was quite impressive. The only major graphical glitch I encountered was a vehicle that flickered between its 'damaged' and 'repaired' state like some kind of ghost truck, and that only happened once. The main bug I encountered in singleplayer was getting stuck on the scenery.

In a statement, the US Treasury said a company owned by one of the blacklisted men, Jihad al-Arab, had reportedly added water to rubbish containers so they could bill the state more, while a firm owned by the other sanctioned man, Dany Khoury, had won a contract to operate a landfill, only to be accused of dumping toxic waste and refuse into the Mediterranean Sea. The two contracts totalled a hefty $430m.

As morale drops, characters are more likely to get intofights, dropping morale even further. If things get too dire, you may even losecommunity members who think they're better off on their own. You can keepyour finger on the pulse of your community using the "Base" screen in themenus. Under the "Morale" section, you can view the major contributing factorsto your community's happiness or unhappiness. Is someone upset and you can'tfigure out why? This screen will give you a great overview. You see whowants certain facilities built, which characters are fighting, those who areworried about nearby infestations, and other elements contributing to your team's state.

Decasia assembles fiction and nonfiction footage from nitrate prints in various stages of decay, culled from major archives and a few private collections. The work was conceived with Bill Morrison's discovery of two badly deteriorated yet fascinating sequences from the Fox newsreel collection at the University of South Carolina. One shows a boxer punching away at what is now a column of deteriorated emulsion; another shows spectral nuns presiding over children at a mission school. These images became the foundation of the film and the inspiration for Bang on a Can cofounder Michael Gordon's densely layered, original symphonic score. By all accounts, the world premiere performance, presented in association with New York's Ridge Theater (Morrison's regular collaborators), was spectacular to behold: a fifty-five-piece orchestra was stationed on a three-story triangular scaffolding that surrounded the audience; the film and slides (by Laurie Olinder) were projected onto all three sides of the structure. The stand-alone composite 35mm print, with a soundtrack of the live recording, is no less remarkable for the scope and intensity of its images and sound. 041b061a72

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