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House Party 2023

The two friends clash because Damon just wants to party and play bigshot while Kevin is dealing with escalating chaos, like when their DJ friend Vic (D.C. Young Fly, HOW HIGH 2, I GOT THE HOOK UP 2) stops playing music because he gets too high and believes he is traveling between timelines. But Damon makes the ultimate sacrifice by not leaving to have drinks with his celebrity crush, R&B singer Mya (CURSED). Meanwhile, Kevin is striking up a relationship with Venus, who helps out, against her better judgment.

House Party 2023

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Walter Emanuel Jones rose to prominence playing Zach Taylor, the original Black Power Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a role that he cheekily references during his scene in House Party. During his appearance in the film, Jones, who plays himself, pokes fun at the role as partygoers recognize him.

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Warner Brothers and New Line Cinema's House Party is out in theaters and is the latest remake of a classic Hollywood film. This reimagining of the 1990 cult classic comedy of the same name attempts to give the long-running comedy series a fresh coat of paint, as well as expand on the simplicity of its predecessors with a bigger house party and plenty of celebrity cameos to go around. Both films have something to offer to comedy fans, but one is clearly superior.

Both the 1990 and 2023 House Party films follow a couple of protagonists who throw a party that changes the trajectory of their lives forever, in both little and big ways. The 1990 film follows Christopher Reid's Kid, who attends his friend's house party against his dad's wishes. The 2023 remake differs in that it follows two down-on-their-luck house cleaners that decide to throw a party in Space Jam: A New Legacy star Lebron James' house while he is away. The two films have similarities in their plots but differ when it comes to their characters and stakes. Here is how the two films compare to one another.

Despite Jacob Latimore and Tosin Cole's best efforts and decent chemistry in the 2023 film, the original House Party film has better characters. Reid's Kid is a very down-to-earth, relatable high schooler who is just trying to figure it all out, which gives him a universal appeal that most audiences could connect to and relate to their own adolescent days. He's a simple, likable lead that feels more like one's best friend in high school rather than a larger-than-life movie character. His friends, Play and Bilal (played by Christopher Martin and Bad Boys' Martin Lawrence, respectfully), are cliché '90s sidekick characters, but they also have a sense of humanity to them that weighs them down and makes them funny and compelling nonetheless, and they make for entertaining companions to Kid.

A big part of the House Party films is, naturally, the titular party, and the 2023 remake beats the 1990 original easily in this regard. Whereas the 1990 House Party film focused on a much smaller neighborhood house party, the 2023 film goes all out, with Lebron's house making for a much bigger setting for a much wilder party. Filled with celebrities, extreme antics, and much more chaos and destruction, the party that Latimore's Kevin and Cole's Damon throw is a large-scale affair with much higher stakes than that of the original film.

Despite large stakes and plenty of cameos from celebrities such as Snoop Dogg in the 2023 House Party remake, the 1990 original put a focus on low-key, more personal stakes. This makes it more casually funny to anyone who can relate to the film's humanized characters. Simple concepts like Kid trying not to get caught by his dad are much more grounded and funny than the 2023 film's reliance on celebrity cameos and more extreme ideas one tends to only see in the movies.

While the 2023 House Party film isn't without its silly pleasures, the original is by far a superior film. It manages to root itself in '90s culture while still remaining funny and relatable over 30 years later, and that's largely due to a well-written script and a solid cast of comedians leading the charge. It remains a staple of '90s comedies, whereas the remake most likely won't leave that kind of impact, being another film in the vein of something like Warner Bros.' own The Hangover that is instantly forgettable and indistinguishable from the many other comedies of its sort.

WHAT IS THIS MOVIE ABOUT?: Kevin (Jacob Latimore) and Damon (Tosin Cole) are two best friends who clean homes for a living by day, and work as party promoters by night while hoping to achieve their own personal and professional goals: Kevin composes beats at home and wants to earn enough money to put his daughter into preschool and to move into his own place. Damon (pronounced Da-MON, like the French way) simply wants to become rich and successful enough to throw the kind of parties that are attended by A-list celebs and beautiful women who would be impressed by his ability to throw such parties.

At least two people were killed and six others were injured when gunfire erupted late Saturday night at a suburban Atlanta house party packed with more than 100 teenagers, according to law enforcement officials.

\"We know that there was a house party where well over a hundred teenagers were attending. A confrontation occurred that resulted in two deaths and six injured from gunshots,\" the sheriff's office said in a statement Sunday.

Kid Cudi plays, well, Kid Cudi in the film. He comes off as an eccentric, quiet, and sensitive artist that acts as the shaman that leads both Kevin and Damon through the third act. This entire act is almost completely different from the rest of the film as the stakes are genuinely raised and the comedy becomes absurd in a really good way. This was the moment where I found myself laughing the hardest and seeing the elements achieve their most beautiful synchronicity. Cole, Latimore, and Cudi are a breath of fresh air when they are on screen together that by the time we come to showdown with the one and only LeBron James back at the party, I could feel that energy leave.

House Party (2023) is a fine film that would be fun to watch on a lazy day and better than most films out at the moment. It carries the spirit of House Party and other films like it well on its shoulders, but if you were looking for something that elevated the concept you would be best to keep waiting on the next party invite.

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