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So Not Worth It

Bryan Tan writing for Yahoo! News praised the chemistry between the actors, and the performance of all of the foreign cast members "speaking native and seamlessly fluent Korean." He wrote, "It's definitely unique in the sense that it features such a diverse cast from all over the world". Tan concluded the review, "while the plot seemed to meander off here and there, the sitcom gives off a vibrant and comfortable feel akin to the American sitcom Friends" and recommended, if viewers are "looking for good fun and easy laughs, So Not Worth It is very much worth a watch".[13]

So Not Worth It

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Greg Wheeler of The Review Geek, rating the series 5.5 out of 10, opined that So Not Worth It is a "real mixed bag of quality" throughout 12 episodes and called it "Disney Channel silliness with a couple of well-timed comedic quips". Wheeler wrote, "With heavy exposition, an episodic format and one annoying laugh track throughout, So Not Worth It is going to be divisive." He concluded by saying that "So Not Worth It doesn't quite ring true to its name but perhaps should have been called "it's not quite worth it"."[15]

I agree with Sandy that the angst might irritate me, what with all the angst flying around over here, but I still think that these books sound entertaining and worth reading. Though leaving things with a cliffhanger twice might just inspire me to wait until all three books are out to avoid having my own angst issues! Glad you appreciated these. They sound rather realistic!

So, that tells more about the story because she finds happiness with her friends and treasures those times - a message for young people that life may be tough at times but it's the small moments and friends that you should cherish to get by. The English title then probably comes from the idea that Se Wan thinks life is so not worth it - but you can guess that it will be at the end, or at least that's what I hoped before watching it. (No spoilers.) 041b061a72

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