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Karnan Malayalam Novel PDF 404

If you are looking for a PDF version of the Malayalam novel Karnan, written by Shivaji Sawant and translated by Dr.T.R.Jayashree and Dr.P.K.Chandran, you might be disappointed to know that it is not available online. The novel is a masterpiece of epic literature, based on the life and character of Karna, one of the central figures in the Mahabharata. It explores the themes of fate, destiny, dharma, karma, and human emotions through the perspective of Karna and other characters like Kunti, Vrushali, Duryodhana, Shonan, and Krishna.


The novel was originally written in Marathi by Shivaji Sawant, a renowned novelist and recipient of the Moortidevi Award. It was first published in 1978 under the title Mrityunjaya, meaning "the conqueror of death". The novel has been translated into various languages, including Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and Malayalam. The Malayalam translation was done by Dr.T.R.Jayashree and Dr.P.K.Chandran and published by DC Books in 2018. The novel has received rave reviews from critics and readers alike and has been hailed as one of the best works of Indian literature.

However, despite its popularity and acclaim, the novel is not available in PDF format online. This is because the novel is protected by copyright laws and the publishers have not authorized any digital distribution of the book. Therefore, if you are searching for a PDF version of Karnan Malayalam novel online, you will most likely encounter a 404 error page, meaning that the page you requested does not exist.

The only way to read this novel is to buy a physical copy from a bookstore or an online platform like Amazon. You can find the links to buy the book online below:

  • [Buy KARNAN [ കർണൻ ] [ Edition : May 2018 ] [ പ്രശസ്ത മറത്ത നവൽ മൃത്യുഞ്ജയത്തന്റ പരഭഷ ] Book Online at Low Prices in India]

  • [Karnan Buy Malayalam Books Online Book Carry]

  • [Buy KARNAN Book Online at Low Prices in India]

We hope this article has helped you to find the information you were looking for. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!

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