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Buy Citizen Eco Drive

Whereas Rolex has focused on the high end, classic style of watch-making, with old-fashioned and complicated mechanical movements, Citizen has gone the opposite direction. They strive to create new technologies and drive costs for watches lower and lower in the process, while still maintaining superb quality.

buy citizen eco drive

The patented Eco-Drive technology was presented in 1995 and is a particularly environmentally friendly and technically very sophisticated drive system. Every artificial or natural light source is used for the energy supply, a dark power reserve ensures reliability even in longer phases without incidence of light. In addition, Eco-Drive watches have an energy-saving function that automatically switches on in poor lighting conditions or permanent darkness. The hands no longer move, but the movement continues to run in the background. This temporarily reduces energy consumption to up to 80%. The watch wearer is informed via the charge status function that light is needed again.

The Eco-Drive drive works in a very sophisticated way: Light penetrates through a transparent dial and is converted into drive energy by a highly sensitive light cell. The resulting energy is transmitted to the precise quartz movement and stored in a powerful, rechargeable microcell. The Eco drive is ready to start after just one minute of incidence of light. Depending on the model, the dark power reserve lasts between 180 days and 4 years when the secondary battery is fully charged.

The first Citizen solar watch was launched in 1976. For a long time, this type of watch posed a great challenge to designers, because the required solar cell always had to be integrated as harmoniously as possible into the dial design. Citizen presented a groundbreaking revolution in the field of light-driven watches with the metal dial, which is also used in modern Eco-Drive watches. The highlight: the solar cell was replaced by a solar ring that surrounds the dial on the side. This means that there are no limits to creativity in dial design.

Citizen attaches great importance to future-oriented technologies. The radio-controlled clocks also work with the Eco-Drive drive and also impress with their automatic time setting and absolute accuracy. Citizen radio-controlled clock technology is based on three independently operating atomic clocks, each of which generates a radio signal. The time signals are compared with each other, then the master clock from the Mainflingen location transmits a signal via long-wave within a radius of 2,000 kilometres. 041b061a72

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