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Yemelyan Yegorov
Yemelyan Yegorov

Toronto Subway Bold Font Free |WORK| 11

We decided to use MAPublisher LabelPro, an intelligent and obstacle-detecting labeling engine, to label the subway stations because there are so many of them. With a little bit of setup, it can label the entire map in just a few seconds. Using the same rule used to designate stations as an interchange, we created two styles for the labels using the label filter. Interchange stations are slightly larger and have a bold font. We designated the label source to use the attributes from the Subway point layer, in this case, a neighbourhood name. Lastly, we designated the lines as obstacles so that LabelPro can detect whether a label will interfere with them or not.

Toronto Subway Bold Font Free 11

If you want to make your design agreeable with a free font, the Universe font is definitely for you. With its free version, you can come up with a winning design but be limited to your personal projects. If you want to download its free version, here is a link attached to this guide. Download the font and enjoy its free version.

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