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Booking Appointments App

Simply enter the available services and working hours for you and your staff for your booking page to be ready. Add buffers, block-times, or irregular available hours to replicate your real-life schedule. No double bookings!

Booking Appointments App

An online booking system allows the customers to book appointments with you or book your services through an online platform. Such a system allows the business owner/admin to control and oversee the availability of their services and the bookable hours that are available to the customers. An online scheduling software comes with an inbuilt reminder system that helps sending out automated email/SMS reminders to customers. Appointy is an advanced and free booking system that also allows the online booking portal to be customized to mirror your brand.

You can have complete control over all the bookings that are made in the system. You can set flexible business hours at both the staff and service levels, set a limit on the number of bookings that can be made per client, and choose how much in advance clients can book, reschedule, or cancel their appointments.

There are two types of availabilities that you can set for different services in the system: Regular availability and Irregular availability. In regular availability, you can set weekly schedules for the appointments which will repeat indefinitely, until it is manually changed. In irregular availability, you can enter a date specific availability of a service with a specific end date. This means the bookings for that service is not enabled indefinitely.

Yes. Appointy offers a two-way sync with personal and work calendars like Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, and more. You can export bookings from Appointy to personal calendar, and also import bookings from your personal calendar to Appointy to block those times.

The HubSpot meeting scheduler works with the apps your team already uses, and is connected to your HubSpot contacts database, so every time a prospect books a meeting your database grows and stays in sync. Start booking more appointments with less hassle, and get your time back to focus on more important things.

One of the first problems I faced was how I was going to schedule my coaching appointments. I live on the east side of the world in North-East Asia, and most of my clients live in North America and Europe. I realized I would be working with up to seventeen hours time difference.

If you are a personal trainer, a coach, teacher, hairdresser or any other business that requires your customers and clients to schedule appointments with you, then Square is a great option to go with.

Bookafy is another free service that has a lot of power under the hood. You can schedule unlimited appointments and types. Appointment types could be the length of the appointment (30 mins, 60 mins etc.) or, if you are a beautician, the type of service being booked.

There is a mobile app for managing your appointments. You can also integrate SimplyBook Me with your Facebook page or Instagram account so your customers and clients can schedule appointments through it.

10 To 8 is a great scheduling service that guarantees that their free service will be free forever. You are limited to 100 appointments per month, but for a small business looking for a better way to manage meetings and appointments, then 10 TO 8 will do the job for you.

Finally, a little known feature in Google Calendar is the ability to set up a calendar where your clients can schedule appointments. It is rather less automated than the services above, but it does work.

Scheduling services can take the pain out of scheduling appointments, and it also allows you to stay in control of your calendar. This is one of the best features of this service for me. I can get on with my work, safe knowing I will not be getting unexpected meeting invites or phone calls. I can refer people to my scheduling service and let that do all the hard work for me.

A booking app is used for scheduling appointments of any kind. With this fully customizable Booking App from Jotform, customers or clients can fill out general contact information and schedule appointments by choosing open time slots from an interactive calendar. There is additional room at the bottom for any additional comments they may have. This app also includes a contact form for customers to reach out to you directly. Appointments are stored in your online account, where you can sort, filter, and export them from any device.

Many businesses rely on clients showing up for appointments, so we weighed automatic appointment reminders heavily. Not all businesses require payment through the app, but it helps (especially to discourage no-shows), so we prioritized that feature as well.

Vagaro is an appointment scheduling app for appointment-based businesses like salons, spas, and fitness centers. Through the app, customers can book appointments or sign up for classes without ever having to contact you. From there, the appointment will sync both with their personal calendar as well as yours. This means that as customers make appointments and sign up for your services, your schedule will update automatically to reflect any additions (or cancellations).

In addition to the customer Vagaro app, there is also a Vagaro app for you and your employees. Here you can see your appointments, view your customer database, and look at stats and reports about your business. This makes it easy to keep track of your customers and their past services and maintain familiarity with your clients. Vagaro also has a desktop version.

Acuity is a powerful appointment scheduling app that works well for almost any small business that relies on client bookings. Like Vagaro, Acuity includes two main applications: one for clients to book and manage their appointments and one for you.

It is great for accessing your schedule in real time, so you can add new appointments on the fly, update your availability, and manage your appointments. You can also enable notifications for whenever you get a new booking, so you never miss a beat. Not only that, but Acuity makes it easy to add an Acuity booking widget to your website or ecommerce store so clients can self-book and/or purchase classes, workshops, private sessions, interviews, etc.

Setmore is a popular appointment scheduling app for many types of small businesses, but its most notable feature is that it allows for up to four team members and unlimited appointments in the free plan. Most other apps, including Square, limit you to one team member in the free plan. Powered by pricing, Setmore earned a 4.27 out of 5 in our evaluation, with lack of intake forms and limited appointment reminders preventing it from scoring higher.

Square Appointments offers a free plan for individuals that is easy to use, packed with useful features, and available on both iOS and Android operating systems. Free features include a custom-branded online booking website, automated text and email appointment reminders, detailed customer profiles, and an automated messaging tool so clients can book and reschedule 24/7.

Although it offers the best value for individuals, it also has a few standout features in its paid plans that make it a good fit for salons and spas needing an appointment POS, including integrated commission reporting, commission tiers, resource booking, multi-staff appointments, loyalty programs, and messaging/marketing campaigns.

Like Setmore, Square Appointments does not offer a customer app. Rather, clients book through a booking page. Look to Vagaro or Acuity for apps for your customers. Square Appointments lets you add a booking to your website and social media pages so customers can access your booking page from these locations, but unlike Setmore, the widget cannot be customized.

You can also sync Square Appointments with Google Calendar, customize your availability, and manage clients through the app. The app processes payments, so your customers can purchase their appointments when they book, and you can have a card on file in case of no-shows or sudden cancellations.

With HoneyBook, you can manage internal projects, assign tasks and questions to co-workers, set meetings, and see your entire day at a glance on the employee dashboard. On the dashboard, all your tasks, projects, incoming questions, meetings, appointments, and overview calendars are conveniently displayed so that you can get a snapshot of your day and stay on top of what you need to handle.

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