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What You Need to Know About Vopt 9.XX Registration File and How to Use It

  • Product Installation and Licensing Information For brief instructions about product installation please visit the "install_notes" file in The install_notes file can be viewed at: For detailed information about product installation, supported platforms, and licensing, see the ModelSim Installation & Licensing Guide. The manual can be downloaded from: How to Get Support For information on how to obtain technical support visit a support page at: Release Notes Archives For release notes of previous versions visit the release notes archive at: or find them in the installed modeltech tree in /docs/rlsnotes Index to Release Notes Key Information User Interface Defects Repaired in 6.2a Verilog Defects Repaired in 6.2a PLI Defects Repaired in 6.2a VHDL Defects Repaired in 6.2a FLI Defects Repaired in 6.2a VITAL Defects Repaired in 6.2a SystemC Defects Repaired in 6.2a Assertion Defects Repaired in 6.2a Mixed Language Defects Repaired in 6.2a General Defects Repaired in 6.2a Mentor Graphics DRs Repaired in 6.2a Known Defects in 6.2a Product Changes to 6.2a New Features Added to 6.2a

  • Key Information The automatic invocation of the design-wide performance optimization tool "vopt" has been enabled. Upon invocation, the simulator determines if vopt has been run on the top-level module(s) you supplied; if not, the simulator invokes vopt and outputs a message similar to: # ** Note: (vsim-3812) Design is being optimized... The optimization step will improve run time performance and affect the visibility of objects in the design. To enable debug visibility it is recommended you add additional options to vopt on the vsim invocation via the -voptargs argument. For example: vsim -voptargs="+acc" which enables full debug access to objects in the optimized design. To understand the full usage of +acc and -voptargs, please refer to the chapter "Optimizing Designs with vopt" in the User's Manual for more information. If required you may obtain the previous behavior of vsim, where it does not perform performance optimizations, by setting the modelsim.ini variable "VoptFlow" to 0 (zero). An alternative to setting VoptFlow to zero, where interactive debug compile throughput is required you can use the -novopt option on the vsim and compilation command line (vcom/vlog). The RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 is supported as of the 6.1b release. The support includes the following platforms: 32-bit linux 64-bit linux_x86_64

For a complete list of supported platforms see the Install Guide under the section Supported platforms.

Vopt 9.XX Registration File

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