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Yemelyan Yegorov

[S3E16] Top Secret BETTER

The team go through video footage and discover that Hoapili was kidnapped and unwillingly fought in a top-secret underground fight club and received such extensive injuries that he would not have survived.

[S3E16] Top Secret

Jay finds out Mitchell ruined his greatest golf moment. While on the way to fix Lily's doll, Alex spills a surprising secret about Haley to Phil, leaving him heartbroken, while Gloria discovers a secret of Claire's. Cam's desperate to get everyone out of the house so he can investigate an issue and prove Claire wrong, and Luke helps Manny to impress a girl he likes.

A going away party is held in the Break Room for Jeff. Mateo also considers it a celebration of he and Jeff dating again while Dina celebrates not having to work with Jeff. Glenn reminisces a bland story about Jeff which causes Sandra to relate intimate details about her fake relationship with Jeff. Glenn mentions to Jeff that the café is popular with the unemployed but Jeff says he's a manager at a Target store. He kids with Glenn about being the competition and they play fight until Glenn accidentally punches Jeff in the throat. In the store, Glenn tells Amy, Justine and Mateo he's worried as Jeff knows all the store's secrets and will be stiff competition. In the Break Room, Jonah and Kelly are looking on a laptop for a place to move in together but Jonah continually finds fault with all the options which Garrett finds annoying.

In a flashback, she remembers hugging her mommy, and later, her dad telling her that her mom is "sick." To unravel the mystery, she goes back to her aunt's house to learn more about her mum's death. Guess what? She runs into her mother, who is alive. Wait, what? How is she alive? And she was alive, why did Pruitt keep it a secret all these years? Was she suffering from a mental disease? 041b061a72

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