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Afrikaans Essay On A Day At The Beach PATCHED

The Beach and Inlets and Ports program receives limited state funding to improve and manage access, navigation, and other related facilities on the state's coastal waterways. To better facilitate access to these facilities, the department administers the Florida Coastal Management Grant Program through which the department provides funds and technical assistance to local governments to improve the natural and artificial shoreline and to enhance access, navigation and other related facilities.

Afrikaans Essay On A Day At The Beach

Finally, the Beach and Inlets and Ports Program provides limited state funding to assist local governments with programs to restore and manage their beaches.Currently, the Beach and Inlets and Ports Program funds beach management projects in designated coastal counties and serves to protect, preserve and maintain state beaches.

The department manages the 1,214 state-owned beaches through the Beach and Inlets and Ports Program. Under this program, local governments are required to implementshoreline protection measures for the state-owned beaches within their jurisdiction. These measures can include creating sandbars, artificial reefs, coastal defense structures and shoreline hardening. The most important techniques used are beach nourishment and beach renourishment. Beach nourishment is also referred to as beach recovery and is a beach rejuvenation technique in which the beach is built up with sand from offshore areas, usually located several hundred yards offshore.

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